Building a Better Future

Bringing together international experience in leadership, project design and management to create environmentally sustainable communities and buildings.

Roger Bayley Inc. brings sustainability to life – harnessing the skills of forward-thinking developers, planners, architects and visionaries to create innovative green buildings and master-planned communities.

In 2009, Roger launched RBI to promote sustainability in practice and share with clients and communities around the world, the experience and knowledge he had acquired in successfully guiding the development of the groundbreaking Millennium Water Olympic Village.

Practical Experience

RBI draws on the innovative and creative capacity of our vibrant team of professionals that understand the practicality of advancing and strengthening corporate and community well-being. Within our team, we have expertise in sustainability planning, project management, urban planning, business development, design management of high-performance buildings, LEED Certification process, design and energy management systems, facilitation of integrated design workshops and international industry networking and training events.

Quantifying Value

Throughout each of the three services areas RBI offers (advocacy, design, and management), the RBI team can assist your organization by identifying ways to quantify the financial benefits focusing on a sustainable approach to business development while meeting the emerging objectives for corporate global responsibility to clearly articulate your business objectives within the emerging green marketplace, to take advantage of the marketing potential within this market, while building on your organizational strength and emphasizing improved profitability through streamlined processes and resource savings.

Services include:

Advocating for Change
RBI works both locally and internationally with planners, developers, architects and the public to help them envision innovative solutions.

Advocacy services include:

  • facilitating workshops, delivering seminars/CPDs on building technology and systems
  • providing research support on building performance and case studies for financial justification
  • corporate social responsibility strategies and implementation
  • networking support for industry leaders, governmental groups, and academic institutions.

Designing for Sustainability
A new design paradigm has emerged that creates liveable environments while minimizing waste, reducing energy use, responding to site conditions and respecting natural resources. RBI brings together the professional and technical expertise that supports an integrated approach and a common vision for every project.

Design support services include:

  • integrated design support for architecture; building systems and new technology
  • sustainable master planning
  • strategic planning
  • energy and resource management.

Managing Sustainability in Practice
Collectively, the RBI team offers decades of international experience overseeing a wide range of development projects. RBI provides the experience, knowledge and guidance that creates successful projects, completed on time and within budget.

RBI management services include:

  • support for sustainable marketing and business development
  • project proposal writing and presentations (P3 and bids)
  • project LEED certification planning
  • project management
  • sustainable technical and quality assurance on design & build projects
Approved master Plan of Millennium Water, the Southeast False Creek Olympic Village.
Community development from a legacy of urban neglect and industrial contamination.
Aerial  view from the south west of the completed village.
Green roofs, present on 50% of all buildings, as both aesthetic and functional elements.
Emulating natural design: Hinge Park at Millennium Water.
Enjoying a quiet moment on the Olympic Village seawall.
Aerial plan for the New Municipal Community in Jinan, China (unrealized).
New Municipal Precinct in Jinan, China (unrealized).
Concept plan for the Granby Harbour redevelopment project in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.
Concept view of the Oriental Medical University Campus in Langfang, China.