B.E. Structural, P. Eng.

Roger is a strong advocate for sustainable building practices, and has extensive experience as a Green Building leader and educator at conferences on the national and international scale. He is the principal of Roger Bayley Inc., which he founded in 2009 with the aim of harnessing the skills of forward-thinking developers, planners, architects and visionaries to create innovative green buildings and master-planned communities.

Roger’s experience spans 40 years of senior-level project design and management. As a founding principal of Merrick Architecture in (which grew from four to seventy employees during his tenure), he was responsible for project design, value engineering, quality control and project management. From 2006 to 2010 he was the design manager for the Millennium Water Olympic Village in Vancouver, Canada’s first LEED™ certified Platinum neighbourhood and the largest sustainable community in North America. Roger offers his clients proven expertise in addressing issues such as climate change, urban planning, passive design, healthy communities and energy management in our built environment. Drawing on his own considerable experience – as well as the knowledge of consultants and fellow experts– he helps clients develop innovative solutions that exemplify a new way forward.

M.A., B.A. (Urban & Regional Planning), B.A. (Art History), APM
Associate Director

Over the last 11 years, Annie has been travelling the globe working internationally in architecture, development and planning in Canada, UK, Europe, US and Asia. She brings together passion for working with people to achieve high quality urban design and sustainable innovation with political and practical sensibility.

Annie worked for the Mayor of London’s Office as a Senior Project Manager, where she led on designing high-quality sustainable public spaces and managed a portfolio of highway infrastructure projects that were delivered on time and on budget. As well, she worked as an urban design advisor and managed design reviews and urban design training and networking events for 32 London Boroughs. She also held the position of Urban Designer for Design for London developing strategic masterplans, revitalizating town centers and project managing feasibility studies and business cases for financial justification to quantify the value for high-quality urban design projects.   As part of her policy research background, she has conducted research for the Canadian Urban Institute, UBC and Ryerson universities on social urban issues, accessibility, health, migration and homelessness. In addition, her broad background in the areas of  design, planning and project management in residential and commercial construction projects allow her to create innovative business solutions to implement sustainable and value-added projects.

M.B.A., M.A., B.Sc (Engineering)
Project Manager

Following her graduation from the MBA program in UBC, Grace Tang joined the Challenge Series team to focus on the promotion of Green Building and Sustainable Community Development within the Asian marketplace. This work brings together her passion for business development, her tireless commitment to complex challenges, and her desire to build a strong relationship between her original home in Asia and her love for her adopted city Vancouver.

Grace worked in both the information service industry and fashion industry in China, with experience in conducting market research, editing industry magazines, developing internet content, and organizing industrial seminars. With her adventurous spirit and her professional knowledge and networking skills in the fashion industry, Grace successfully led the content departments of the first China commodity market information provider and the first China fashion trading network company. Grace’s experience in running her own garment business equipped her with a comprehensive approach to business development. In addition, her experience and education as an engineer of instrument development trained her in the more rational aspects of business structures and process.

M.Sc.(Planning), B.Sc. (Environmental Studies), B.A. (Fine Arts)
Project Manager

Lindsay’s contributes a unique perspective to the RBI team with her passion and expertise in planning for a healthier future. With degrees in Fine Arts, Environmental Studies, and Sustainability Planning, she brings a holistic approach to crafting healthy, and healing city spaces.

She co-founded the University of Utah Office of Sustainability after successfully organizing the Sustainable Campus Initiative during two years of student community service group directorship. She served as a Program Coordinator in developing the Office during its pilot year and coordinated 10 student groups and green teams, designed and maintained the Office web interface, and orchestrated the signing of the American Colleges and Universities Presidents Climate Commitment. She worked with the UBC Sustainability Office on developing social sustainability performance indicators and completed data collection and analysis of the 2006-2010 Inspirations and Aspirations Sustainability Strategic Plan. For Lindsay’s Master’s Professional Project, she helped plan the Healing Cities Day of the Gaining Ground Conference, and co-founded the Healing Cities Institute, which continues craft creative solutions for the holistic wellbeing of cities.

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