Lougheed Transit Station

A founding principal of Merrick Architecture, Roger provided expertise in project definition, value engineering, quality control, resource management and project scheduling during his 25 years with the firm. Managing staff and coordinating with external consultants, he worked on a range of complex projects that included Cathedral Place and City Square in Vancouver and  the Lougheed Station in Burnaby.

Roger’s background in structural engineering and construction management contributed significantly to the firm’s design process, and he was well respected for his ability to successfully coordinate multi-disciplinary teams while adhering to project timelines and budgets.

In 2005, Roger prepared and wrote the original submission for the Olympic Village project, on behalf of the developer, Millennium SEFC Properties Limited. He assembled the consultant team, defined the scope of work and oversaw the program scheduling. Roger successfully coordinated the consultant teams and major contractors throughout the three-year design and construction process.

Completed as Principal of Merrick Architecture

The Lougheed Station central platform (opened in 2002).
The smooth, undulating rooftop design of the Lougheed Station.
Rooftop detail on the Lougheed Station.
Station view from the street.
The Lougheed Station; an integral transportation hub for metro Vancouver.