St. Ann’s Academy

Victoria, BC
Client: Provincial Capital Commission
Budget: $17 million
Area: 7,990 square metres
Issues addressed: urban planning, architectural and structural restoration

Originally built in the mid-1800s, St. Ann’s Academy is a well-known landmark in central Victoria, appreciated for both its Colonial architecture and its surrounding orchards and gardens. When the building was redeveloped in the mid-1990s, the Provincial Capital Commission sought public input to guide its planning.

Roger facilitated the community consultation process to determine the public’s desires for the future of the site. This led to the decision to restore the heart of the original convent for community use while transforming other areas into space for government agencies. As project manager, Roger assisted in the process of balancing community aspirations with economic constraints. In addition to carrying out historic conservation using innovative materials and approaches, he introduced a number of design elements to reduce energy use and create a healthier work environment.

Completed as Principal of Merrick Architecture

The gold coated cross is reinstalled on the historic convent.
The gold coated cross is reinstalled on the historic convent.
The gold coated cross is reinstalled on the historic convent.
Alternate concept for the grounds and infrastructure restoration.
Concept for an art gallery on the orchard of the Academy.
An alternate concept for a music center on the Academy grounds adjacent to the Chapel.
Spire detail, Saint Ann’s Academy.
Spire detail drawings, Saint Ann’s Academy.
Construction of the principal stairs within the Academy.
Formwork construction to support the floor construction.
The completed spire over the Interpretive Center.
The entrance avenue to the Chapel and Interpretive Center.
The chapel interior, reminiscent of classic Quebecois style.
The garden gazebo behind the chapel.
The completed Academy roof and spire.