Advocating for Change

When it comes to building the urban environment, business as usual is no longer acceptable. We now have the knowledge, technical expertise and products to build more socially and environmentally responsible buildings and communities.

But how do we spur developers and consumers to make the shift? How do we bring together the knowledge that is out there? How do we create a vision of sustainability that is shared by all project stakeholders?

RBI works both locally and internationally with planners, developers, architects and the public to help them envision innovative solutions. Advocacy services include:

  • facilitating workshops
  • delivering seminars/CPDs on building technology and systems
  • providing research support on building performance and case studies for financial justification
  • corporate social responsibility strategies and implementation
  • networking support for industry leaders, governmental groups, and academic institutions

One example of this knowledge sharing is The Challenge Series, a 2010 publication telling the story of Vancouver’s Millennium Water Olympic Village – encompassing the history of the site, its groundbreaking innovations in design, creative use of green technology and energy, water and waste management.

Advocating for sustainability encompasses the use and support of all possible sources of knowledge. RBI brings together a global network of contacts – including other consultants and sustainability experts – with the specific expertise necessary to make a project excel.

Learn more about RBI’s advocacy services by viewing RBI’s presentation on Millennium Water, the Southeast False Creek Olympic Village