Designing for Sustainability

Our built environment has a dismal environmental track record. Buildings produce over 50 percent of urban greenhouse gas emissions, and fill one-third of our landfills with construction waste. It doesn’t have to be this way. A new design paradigm has emerged that creates livable environments while minimizing waste, reducing energy use, responding to site conditions and respecting natural resources.

RBI brings together the professional and technical expertise that supports an integrated approach and a common vision for every project to respond to sustainability design challenges. Design support services include:

  • integrated design support for architecture
  • building systems and new technology design support
  • sustainable master planning and strategic planning
  • energy and resource management

RBI’s role is to ask the essential questions that enable stakeholders to see new possibilities. Through integrated design workshops, RBI creates a shared vision for projects and enables participants to explore vital issues from multiple viewpoints – considering land use, transportation, green building design, community amenities, energy issues, water and waste management and economic factors.

As the design manager for Millennium Water, Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic Village, Roger led a design team of five architectural firms and over 40 engineering and building service companies with a combined project staff of 300. By integrating diverse opinions and expertise into a unified vision, he guided the design of one of the most advanced and environmentally sustainable communities on the planet.